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With every book you write, you build your craft. Get involved with a writing group and grow your skills while sharing your work. The ideas and guidance shared by others who share your passion is priceless.

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We are often afraid to fail so we never start the journey. Writing is a learning experience and a door to the next step(s) in that journey. KEEP GOING no matter your fears or what if's.

​the spectacular world of waldorf childrens book series​

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I believe in the power of a bucket list! It has literally not only changed the way I live my life, but directed me to fulfill something I love...writing books. 

After graduating from Texas A&M, I married my amazing husband and established my corporate career. After the birth of my first son, I felt an inner pull to follow my dreams and aspire for amazing things. My hope was to show my children if you dream it, and believe it you can become it. A few years later I had written my first book and a few after that the stars aligned and I published my very first book. Moral of the story, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and your heart behind.

To date, I have penned two romance novels in the New Adult and Contemporary Romance categories,  have a children's book series: The Spectacular World of Waldorf, and have assisted with other authors writing projects in various capacities.

Beth Ann Stifflemire

If you write books or plan on writing books, social media is HUGE. Start accounts at 1-3 social media platforms BEFORE you publish and build an audience


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