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With every book & post you write, you learn your craft. Get involved with a writing groups, Facebook groups and online communities. The ideas, guidance & support is priceless.

We are often afraid to fail so we never start the journey. Writing is a learning experience and a door to the next step(s) in that journey. KEEP GOING no matter your fears or what if's.

Beth Ann Stifflemire

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​the spectacular world of waldorf childrens book series​

If you write books or blog, social media is HUGE. Start accounts at 1-3 social media platforms BEFORE you publish and build an audience.


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Beth believe's in the power of a bucket list! It has literally changed the way she lives her life, and directed her to push beyond the normal day-to-day hustle and live her dreams. Her real heart and desire is to inspire as many people as possible to reach for what may seem impossible but in reality, is within arms reach.

With nearly 15 years of corporate experience varying from Corporate Administration to Human Resources, she stepped outside the box in 2010 after feeling called to create a bucket list. One item on that list was to write and publish a book. To date, Beth has penned 2 romance novels and 6 children's books.

Expanding on her dreams and also on her bucket list is to change lives. So Beth decided to tackle this dream with her blog: Corporate & Domestic and lend her voice and skills as a Guest Speaker.